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Safepul Pallet Puller leading the way with full description of use, Great, Easy use, Durable design.
We welcome customers from around the world, Tell us where you are, We will give you our best delivery price.  This Pallet Puller includes a 3.7m strap regular or 5m strap medium. With more options on the way. Call 01992661160

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Safepul In Action

We launch the New CurtainSider Pallet Puller for the vehicles that dont always get access to both sides.
Safepul providing a leading Pallet Puller that recognises a Safer, easier action to retrieving pallets out of reach to the forklift. This HSE aware product will change the way you access pallets on your vehicle. We aim to lead a change to forklift training, We ask the industry to recognise the action needed when the forklift cant reach pallets on our vans and trucks.