Safepul Trademark

We are proud to have secured the Trademark for "Safepul" supporting our leading pallet puller plus new products on our site and in development.

We've said from day one that it was time the pallet puller had its day in the logistics game.

Let the games begin.  Not tucked away in the dark corridors of search engines, But standing tall amongst some of the best logistics tools on the market.

How else can you pull a pallet to the reach of the forklift with a safe tool ?

Safepul Pallet Puller, Designed to carry out pallet extraction on our delivery vehicles, This action is taking place at our goods-in yard's around the world as we speak. 

Pallet Puller


Why did we trademark ?

We wanted to secure the name for our area of business.

We are on other platforms and want to be recognised for our designs.  

Proud to have supplied our pallet pullers to some of the biggest and the best in multiple delivery businesses,  We also wanted to make a statement of our unique, patented pallet puller.

Innovation is strong in our company, Seeking out problems at work and designing products that address these problems in the safest way possible.

The trademark signals a milestone on that journey.

Kevin Antony


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