About Us: Safepul Pallet puller, How did we get started ?

It is a great feeling to have designed a tool that then sells to very important logistic companies in a wide range of industries. As we know, Complex procedures can sometimes have simple solutions.
Our Safepul Pallet Puller is groundbreaking in the world of pallet pulling.
We openly talk about using the pallet puller, How to use it safely, how it can help your business by speeding up the pallet retrieval action.
Complications in at work can sometime open up new solutions in business.
I am both proud and privileged to present our Safepul Pallet Puller.
We strive to make our pallet puller change the industries attitude to the action.
A tool originally designed for couriers and the pallet delivery market.
The market has opened up since we started, We now sell to any company moving pallets.
Replacement straps are now available to purchase, However, If the strap and the product is used correctly you find that the product last for a very long time.   
Built to last,  
We are building a range that include products to reflect the values that our pallet puller has in the market.
Safepul products aim to recognise what you do in your professional and sometimes private lives.