Why The Pallet Puller ?

First published at Logistics Business magazine 2015


Small update 2019 below

Thanks to a mighty tool store Screwfix. A new product is born. “Ok i hear you say, 

Does it work with my iPhone ?

Can i attach it to my tool belt ?

Sorry, this is a tool you might be aware of, or gave up on, many years
back.. Speak to a pallet courier or delivery driver in any part of the
country and in any country in the world (stretching it a bit, but you get my
point) they will say:

“Pallet Puller ? i get it, I use a rope or strap”

The forklift industry have long overlooked this action. You have a pallet out of reach of the
forklift truck, You cant use the pallet truck or pump truck as its known, because you drive a
Transit, Sprinter or Crafter type van. Also you cant put a pallet truck on these vehicles.

Not only is it too small to manoeuvre a pallet around but
the plylined floor bed won’t support the weight of the
pallet truck.

So what do i do ? I hear you ask, well in the past you got
a rope and you got on with it, as most couriers will tell

Strapping the rope or strap around the front stump,
leading it back to the forklift, Threading it through the
best anchor point and then holding on whilst the truck
goes into reverse.

Or you can search the internet for a safer device.
Unfortunately, having found your best choice device, it
then becomes very difficult to get a clear description of
how it works.

Not anymore.. Kevin Antony, courier, entrepreneur. has
come up with a device that not only does the job but
explains how to use it safely.

So here we have a industry specific tool.
offering a safer procedure to a rope or

Safepul’s elongated hook going to the
central stump, (Given that the front stump
can give way ) Thus providing better weight
distribution. The strap anchoring on a safe point of the forklift
with a safety hook. Stand back in a safe position and Bob’s
your uncle, or certainly a relative you will visit regularly….

It should be said that JCB saw this coming many years back
and decided to go it alone with a great design. The Teletruk
with its telescopic boom launched in 1997. Provides a mast that can reach into the vehicle to
retrieve its palleted cargo. Saving time at the industrial units with minimal space to manoeuvre.

However the traditional forklift remains very strong with the industry turning over multi billions of
dollars around the world.

So what is the industry saying about the Pallet Puller ?
Nothing as yet, But time will tell.

Pallet pulling is a recognised action, with very little or even No discussion in the industry.

Does this mean its confined to the annuals of the unexplained.
Watch this space.

Safepul Pallet Puller is also available at Van Extras and Parrs

Kevin Pinnock



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