How Our Pallet Puller Works:

How It Works

Q&A On our pallet puller

How does Safepul Pallet Puller work ?
Make sure the Forklift Truck is in a stable position and ready to pull the pallet's loaded on the vehicle. 
Attach the Safepul metal hook to central stump of the pallet you wish to move, ensuring a secure fit.


With the hook in position, 
Attach the strap to the open ended coupling using the metal oval ring. 
Trace strap back to forklift, keeping the strap taut.


Trace strap back to forklift, keeping a degree of tension on the strap.
( Ensure forklift is in a stable position and ready to pull ) 
Thread the strap through an anchor point. 
( the driver of the forklift truck will direct you to the best anchor point ) 
Use safety hook to secure to ring. 


Note, Forklift should pull slowly without jerking movements.      
Stand back in a safe position and watch Safepul do its work.
Wait for the forklift truck to stop before approaching to 

Frequently asked questions

Why this design ?

We wanted a Pallet Puller that could go to the central stump of the pallet.

It was also important that this pallet puller would be easy to store. 

Is the pallet puller adjustable ?

Yes, You have two D-link adjustments in the strap.  Secure to forklift with a safety hook. With our 5m product you get 3 D-link adjustments

How strong is it ?

The prototype for this product is still going after 8 years.  So, With good care, Dry storage, Using the product as described. This could out-last your vehicle.  
(caution: its good practice to check for wear and tear before use)

What is the pulling load ?

Safepul is designed to pull up-to 1 tonne on a ply lined vehicle floor.

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