The Pallet Puller, A Secret Revealed

The Pallet Puller, An important tool of the Logistics Industry ?

With an estimated 1.4 million forklift trucks being used around the globe

Plus the Sale of forklift trucks doubling in the UK alone over the last four years

The amount of companies supporting and contributing to this industry (you can be assured) is massive. Much like the car industry.

Our tool (The Safepul Pallet Puller ) is also playing a very important role in the forklift industry, Giving me a proud smile.

And yet,  The pallet puller tool doesn't play such a great part in logistics discussions.

Why is that ? I hear you ask... Or you may not ask... which inadvertently makes my point.

So are so many tools or components out there that without, Could change the nature of how things are done at work. So it is expected that some tools are missed in our discussions.

But when you get a tool that without which you would struggle to offload your palleted cargo, It's time for a spotlight to come on.

For instance, Let take a look at the big pallet distributers.

In so many cases, The larger distributers loading vehicles in a large haulage yard for the forklift to strategically manoeuvre accessing both sides of the truck is an impressive site to behold.

Not to mention trucks on a loading bay where the forklift can use the level platform to drive right inside the truck to place a pallet.

Focusing still on the larger truck. When it comes to offloading, The game can be a little different.

Whilst we have equally great offloading sites out there, Some of our great business sites are much smaller.

This can add considerable time to the offloading process in some yards.  The site is tasked with finding the best place for the truck to park allowing access to the vehicles cargo ?

Once the truck is placed,  Offloading can begin. With larger trucks without a curtain side, The pallet truck is sometimes lifted onto the bed of the truck to aid getting the pallets to the reach of the forklift.

This is where our pallet puller can play a part, Specially with the first half of the trucks cargo where manovering a pallet truck can be tight.

Pullers can be a great alternative to the pallet truck. (We have made custom straps for reaching deeper into these trucks).

Pallet puller provides valuable speed in offloading unavailable to other pallet tool extractions.

But why the secrecy ?

Well its not really a secret, But why don't we hear more about pallet pullers ?

Are you on a site where the curtain-sider vehicle has to reverse out of the site and turn round to access the other side ?

Without this tool, Deliveries can take twice as long.

The pallet puller has a firm place in the industry.

I am so proud to offer a safe contribution to this process.

Pallet Pullers,  It's your turn to take a bow...


Coming up:

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Stay tuned to find out what happens.

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Plus : Follow us our journey as we take a niche tool out to claim its place in a billion pound market.

Stay safe



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