Safepul Colour Pallet Puller



We've had a lot of fun with the Safepul pallet puller colour variant.
When we started this product we got the colours just right. The Red Hook and orange strap has worked really well for the Safepul brand.

Still, we wanted to offer alternative colours to give the product a bit more variation. The yellow hook with black or grey straps works really well.
Also, Surprisingly the blue hook worked well with the yellow strap. We think that football colours played a part.
We may try and keep some of these combinations.

We have been hit with steel prices doubling in the last year.
We have done our best to maintain the prices we started this product with on day one. It's been 10 years plus. However we will need to revise this going forward.

The Safepul pallet puller really holds its value with companies getting many years use from our products.

On a leaflet drop, A company that purchased from the Screwfix promotion still had our puller sitting on the back of the forklift. This was going back possibly 6 years plus. Was a great lift to see the product giving such a long service to this company..
The Screwfix promotion is closed.. purchase at and Amazon.
We do hope our customers understand the price increases, should we need to do this very soon.

The colour variants could become rare items.

Feel free to suggest a colour combination if you don't see the preferred variant. We may have a few options in stock.

Thanking all our customers for staying with us and seeing the Safepul pallet puller design addition to material handling tools.

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