A leading Pallet Puller


We produce a leading Pallet Puller...

...that goes to the central stump of the pallet for better weight distribution.

The elongated steel spine is designed for strength and durability. This tool (easy to store) could outlast your vehicles. Safe to apply, Easy to use,

I have written about pallet pullers in Logistics Business. Having designed a tool that covered what I did every day as a delivery driver.

I was really surprised the industry didn’t talk about or advise on this action. This will change right here.

Safepul Ltd is proud to be a leader in the pallet puller industry. We talk openly about using a tool being a safer way to pull pallets. We understand many companies recognise the action and then struggle to find guidelines. I have done some research on this and can assure you that using a tool is a preferred action together with a risk assessment on how you intend to carry this out. I will write again about this in the near future.

Speak to your drivers about this. How do they currently get "out of reach pallets" to the reach of the forklift ?

I would love your feedback on this question.

Safepul.com our pallet puller is compatible with most wooden pallets.

We are aware of some plastic pallets with a wider stump and will be addressing this in future designs. Interested ? Lets Talk.

Update  Production available. 

Logistics Business on Pallet Pullers

Any questions drop us a line (right here)

Kevin Pinnock

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