Safepul On the road

Safepul on the road, Discovering many areas of the logistics business

Sharing stories is a great way of networking.

When I started this business my focus was on the courier world.

I hadn’t considered the larger world of moving pallets.

I soon learned regardless of what industry you are in, If you're moving pallets, You could be a Safepul customer.

I have been so blessed in my role as a courier to experience so many areas of industry that transport goods.


The Pallet Puller project was born of my day job. I was fascinated with the companies I delivered to.

Often pondering and sometimes asking:

What did they make ?

How did their products or services fit into the market ?

How did they get started ?

And what was the market like today ?

I enjoyed connecting with people in a inquisitive but respectful way. I was often given a guided tour.   Safepul retains this thirst for knowledge. I love hearing about the stories behind business. Sharing stories is a great way of networking.

My recent visit to the great IMHX show in Birminghams NEC had me like a kid in a candy shop. Sometimes forgetting that the guys and girls are there to sell.

I could have easily returned with a couple of new state of the art forklift trucks, New mechanical gadgets that would have been a nightmare storing...

Many thank's to Logistics Business Magazine for inviting me. The interaction, understanding and respect they have for the industry is really impressive.

Here are two Videos summarising and thanking those who connected at IMHX.



Logistics Business Magazine

Safepul Pallet Puller 

Kevin Antony

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