Safepul Inspired Music: The Backstreet DJ

Music Inspired by Safepul

The Backstreet DJ, A mixture of memories, emotions. Music on the road, The mix you would play at home.

Music has always been my most important entertainment when traveling, Whether it be work or recreational. I must add that a good podcast does wonders, but it has to be a subject and presenter that can really engage you.

When you go back to music it must be something that gives you that emotional lift. The regular chart playlists bore me ridged. They mostly tend to feature the current chart stuff.

I need to be challenged and educated.  Having done a fare bit of D.J ing over the years I occasionally added a surprise for my customers with tracks they hadn’t heard for ages.  I was really digging into my own knowledge of tracks I loved. Obviously at a party your job is to keep everyone happy. But when you want to entertain outside party mode, it's a mixture of memories emotions and new music awareness.

Backstreet DJ, Music, Backstreet,

Over the years I’ve amassed so much music. Its time a started pulling together the cream of my collection with a few surprises thrown in. And believe, Its surprised me that so many artists i've yet to discover together with the old favourites. You will soon get a flavour of my style.

I am the Backstreet DJ and these playlists are the very essence of my life's listening.

Lets get started. 

First up: Sunlight Apple Music 

And Spotify


Backstreet DJ

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